I picked up a camera in college and received my BFA in photography at the University of Georgia a few years later. Since then, I've become a full time photographer & love partnering with others to tell their story; whether it be of love, life, or creativity. 

My accent will tell you I'm from the South, but my shooting style dismisses any notion of the prim & proper, letting the mood of my images be swept up in sincere intimacy. I'll always opt for the stolen moment over the stiff pose, and I love cultivating true joy within a photograph. I believe in natural interaction over the appearance of perfection. Life is imperfect, but therein lies the beauty.

Simple & natural environments make me happy. I love the sublime-- so mountains, oceans, and lakes make my heart skip a beat. A quiet moment in the woods does the soul some good, too. I'm for that feeling of life & breath in the spot that few have trodden, and I love to shoot in environments that celebrate the ethereality of nature. Let's just stay outside or fill every room with flowers.

I create images that evoke a mood or emotion. I want you to look back on your day & FEEL it all over again.  


Things I'm into...

  C U L T U R E

I have such an appreciation for new places & people. Traveling has been ingrained in my experience with photography from the beginning. I'm more the type to take on a new place over a length of time to really know it for myself, and I love discovering how a city or country offers a unique story & what makes the locals tick. 


We were made for relationship. Adonai is in communion with himself, and he extends an invitation to join in him with others through Jesus Christ. This reality of community has made my pursuit of photography worthwhile. Whether you are a couple whose story I am telling, a fellow creative sitting across from me over coffee, or just a friend doing life alongside me, building relationships and creating a community is something I cherish.


...& pastries. If I could have one meal, this would be it. You can find me in a coffee shop most days. I'm into the coffee culture about as much as an Englishman is into his tea. I don't know how I've managed it, but I'm pretty sure I'm surviving off of caffeine and baked goods at this point.