Breezy Summer Wedding in the South

Taylor & Nick

Taylor is a "co-worker" of sorts. She works for the skincare company I shoot product for, and we've seen each other here and there as I hop in the store to grab more product or drop off a box of just-shot soaps and other natural skincare products. 

I remember about 3 months after working everyday with product, the owner asked how I was liking it. It was great, and it definitely pushed me in new ways creatively. But I told him I missed people. There's just something about shooting humans with emotions that does it for me. So to have this longstanding relationship with inanimate objects result in being a part of two people's wedding day just floors me. 

Taylor & Nick are literally the sweetest people through and through. During their ceremony, they sang a popular praise song, and I just died watching Nick sing with all of his heart, holding his bride's hands and praising. It made me thankful that God was giving them each other, and it was so inspiring to see two people who just get it. 

I loved being along for their summer afternoon wedding. Cheers to the start of something truly good, Taylor & Nick!