A year or so after college I found myself, BFA in Photography in hand, wondering what in the world I would do with my life (being a hairstylist was a big contender). God showed me he had been gently putting the pursuit of a photography business geared toward weddings & couples in my lap, but I just kept finding excuses to keep it a "side thing". Finally, I saw it... I was afraid because I knew I really wanted it, and I told him, "Okay, Lord, if you're here, I'm here. Let's do this, but you can't leave me... this is yours to make & I'll give it my all."

I literally told him that out loud sitting at my kitchen table, and looking back over these last few years I can see that he's been in it, he's favored me, and he's made a way. Now I am fully in and spend my time partnering with others to tell their stories of love & life.

I'm a girl from the South who's a lot more down-home than proper, and I'm realizing that runs deeply through the way I view the world and also this opportunity to capture parts of it. What I mean is that I want you to leave all that stiff perfection at home and just live a little bit with me. The best compliment I think I've received yet was someone telling me they forgot I was even there sometimes. I was literally in their faces & even directing them here & there, but they were so swept up in truly enjoying each other they didn't notice me much at all. That's what I want, every time.

On wedding days, I don't want the stresses of planning and to-dos to crowd in on things. It's about time, it's about connection & intimacy, and that's what I want for couples to find with me when they step in front of my camera. I prioritize YOU. Who you both are together & being able to soak that up when we take on a wedding day or session together is what I'm after.

Jesus also comes pretty easily out of this mouth. And he makes what I do with photography matter. You see, I really, really, REALLY dig in deep to the whole meaning of marriage. I want to celebrate HARD for y'all, and I also want to recognize how truly sacred & beautiful it is to join your life to someone. For me, it's a picture of Christ joining me to him & that hits me square in the soft spots of my heart. I want to find something real each & every time I photograph love, because it's the most important thing we have.

All of my friends joke that on the day I get married, I'll be off in some distant land on a mountaintop with hardly anyone present (Mama, Daddy, and brothers + a few dear friends included). I'll take it! I love how big nature is... there's just something about standing in the mountains or near a river that give a feeling of being small yet wholly loved at the same time. I like the thought of simplifying things from some of the aspects of what's now considered a wedding day and revisiting what it may have meant in the beginning. I like finding these little moments within each day I get to capture, too. 

I always say when you look back on photos of your parents or even from your own childhood, it's not the planned photos smiling at the camera you get excited about. Instead, it's that slightly out of focus shot of someone goofing off or just doing their thing that tells a story and makes you notice. It catches you. And years later, when you look back on your day I want the photos to catch you, too. I want you to feel them as the memories of joy come back to you.

So if this beautiful mess if something you're into, let's have a look at telling your story!


Things I'm into...

  C U L T U R E

I have such an appreciation for new places & people. Traveling has been ingrained in my experience with photography from the beginning. I'm more the type to take on a new place over a length of time to really know it for myself, and I love discovering how a city or country offers a unique story & what makes the locals tick. 


We were made for relationship. Adonai is in communion with himself, and he extends an invitation to join in him with others through Jesus Christ. This reality of community has made my pursuit of photography worthwhile. Whether you are a couple whose story I am telling, a fellow creative sitting across from me over coffee, or just a friend doing life alongside me, building relationships and creating a community is something I cherish.


...& pastries. If I could have one meal, this would be it. You can find me in a coffee shop most days. I'm into the coffee culture about as much as an Englishman is into his tea. I don't know how I've managed it, but I'm pretty sure I'm surviving off of caffeine and baked goods at this point.