A Little Afternoon Snack in Athens


Recently, my friend Danielle Hulsey and I met up at her house to play. In the thick of fall wedding season, we needed a creative outlet... something that we could throw together, spend whatever time we needed on, and work alongside one another in hopes of creating something worthwhile and beautiful. 

She was headed to the mountains for a little retreat with her husband and friends for the weekend & needed to bring along a favor, so we opted to shoot the process of making her "mom" cookies. These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are her go-to recipe she hopes will be attached to who she is throughout life; they are the cookies she wants sitting on the counter for family & friends to enjoy & know as hers.

With all of this sentiment & a quick trip to the grocery store, we set out to bake the batches she'd actually take, while keeping the ants away from our golden little globs of goodness that we set up in a makeshift studio in her backyard. 

We challenged ourselves with making intentional messes, going darker with our aesthetic, and telling the complete story of making these cookies. I am so pleased with this fun little shoot, and I think it inspired us to continue to create opportunities of self-discovery & creative pursuit.