A Weekend in Charleston

Sarah & Nick


Three years later he made his way across a bar in Charleston to say hello... Sarah & Nick met briefly on a night out. But they both went their separate ways, until a weekend of chance encounters years later led them together. Reminiscing, Sarah said she told her roommate the night they first met that he was the person she was supposed to be with. It was a crazy thought at the time, one she dismissed, but through events that can only be described as God-given, it turns out it wasn’t so wild a notion after all.

It was important to them both to have photos that celebrate how much Charleston means to them. Historic downtown, a plantation outside the city, the beaches... it's all a backdrop to their relationship and how it's formed over the years. They wanted to revisit places and experiences that they cherish together through this session, so we spent the weekend running around town, eating amazing food at their favorite restaurants, and finding the most romantic spots along sleepy oaks and raw beaches. This weekend was seriously a dream! 

Cheers, Sarah & Nick!