A Snowy Couple's Session in Midway, Utah

Samantha & Ryan met while in college several years ago. They had an eye for one another but remained friends after meeting because both had plans to spend time doing missions work abroad. While Ryan was away for two years and Samantha for one, they were able to communicate by writing letters-- which led to the two falling in love. Upon their return, they quickly found a deeper relationship had begun and were married soon after. 

Since then, the two have enjoyed traveling the world together and have created a travel blog to tell the stories they've found in new places.

With homebase still being in Utah, we made plans for this playful winter shoot when I went out to visit my brother for my birthday (26, y'all-- can't even handle it). We met in Wassatch Mountain State Park and climbed into my brother's monster of a truck, heading into the snowy valley in Midway. Here are a few shots from our session together in this winter wonderland of a place: