A Misty North Carolina Elopement in Highlands

Allison & Brandon

Oh my goodness, this was such a good weekend! Allison & Brandon opted for an intimate ceremony tucked away in the North Carolina mountains, accompanied by their parents and two best friends.

When it rains on your wedding day you have two options: to try to accommodate for the weather by moving around your plans OR to go for it. As the steady mist carried on through the morning, we imagined what would mean most to the two looking back for years to come... and we decided our only option was just to go for it! They had envisioned being married on this rock overlook, so that's exactly what we did, floodgates open and all. We trekked up a path and out onto the mountain face and completely embraced the nature of their wedding day. I cannot tell you how much fun it was to be a part of! 

I kept telling them God has a thing for marriages, and he tends to show up and do some pretty cool things with the weather. So after taking on the rain all day, the sun burned off all of those clouds and made a final stand, allowing us to jump back up to the spot after dinner and enjoy the sunset on its namesake rock. Low & behold, He did it again!

After some time in the mountains, we all traveled to Atlanta, where friends and family were waiting to celebrate the newlywed couple at a local craft brewery. The party had all the goods: a food truck, picnic tables, good beer, twinkly lights, cornhole, and good people. 

Congratulations Allison & Brandon! I am so blessed to have been along for your day & wish you so many blessings!