Engagement on the Italian Coast

Lauren & Johnathan


Lauren & Johnathan celebrated their engagement along the Italian Riviera in Cinque Terre, a stretch of five small villages along the coast. With crystal blue waters and warmly painted buildings scattered along the cliffs, the area is a quintessential Italian dream! 

The days were spent eating gelato & exploring the five villages, swimming in the sea to rocks teeming with sea urchins, and having pasta and fresh seafood to our heart's content. 

We awoke before the sun to shoot the session in Monterosso al Mare & RioMaggiore, our two favorites. We began on the pebble beach where tourists normally crowd to enjoy a day in the sun, but at 4:30 in the morning (yes sunrise happens that early in Italy) we had the area all to ourselves. After some time near the cliffs we headed to Riomaggiore, where the small harbor is lined with lovely little fishing boats and has a breezy coastal flare. 

Lauren & Johnathan, cheers to your engagement and the beginning of your lives together! I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel to such a special place with you and capture your love.