Burge Plantation Wedding in Spring

Laura & William

Mansfield, GA

It was one of those days you expect to see people sitting out on their front porches sipping something cold & sweet...

Laura & William married at a place near & dear to them that was the perfect backdrop to their charming day. Burge Plantation in Mansfield, GA has hosted these two a number of times, whether it be another family member's wedding, their involvement in Atlanta Charity Clays, or just for a weekend of fun on the property with friends. 

Laura's Willoby dress was just the start to this beautifully styled day. She took a cutting from her fashion-forward grandmother's blush wedding dress to wrap her bouquet and added a keepsake locket of her mother's. From the embroidery style napkins that wrapped 'round their Miller High Lifes to the sign that welcomed guests with the same wording their grandparents used on their wedding day, each touch offered a little more personality to create a day perfectly suited for them. 

They married amongst the magnolias on the lawn of the main house and partied behind the quaint clubhouse, where a disco ball overlooked guests as they cut a rug on the dance floor. To end the night, Laura & William gave Coca-Colas and Moonpies as favors, their favorite treat, and exited to sparklers as a nod to their meeting on the 4th of July years ago.

Y'all I loved this wedding day so much. It was pure goodness! And as the Murphys say,

Good times... Good friends... Good cheer!