Travel & Trek on the Camino Francés, Spain

Camino de Santiago

"Let's Have a Look"

As I walked I wondered what would be waiting for me-- ahead on the trail, in the next town, after the camino. Who or what would I find?

But there was really no other option than to wait and see, to literally step into the time as it came and look at what reality held. It was simple but so contrary to my normal way of thinking. 

...To have nothing to do but to take the next step. To take on a day like it was a lifetime. To give way to everything but what I am experiencing in the moment.

To trust, to let go of control and expectation. To enter into the place where fear yells loudest...

On the path I found Jesus waiting.

I saw him answer the seeking heart. I saw him work in process. He gave us a taste of true love, and I saw him beckoning us deeper.

Whether it was the answer we were looking for or not, Jesus met us on the way. And we got to have a look.